Which Mattresses Are Best for Sex?

We've got straight up mattress-buying advice for some hot horizontal action.

By Kristine Solomon for TheNest.com

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- If you like to get your bounce on and let loose your inner acrobat, coil mattresses are for you.

- Coil mattresses -- especially innerspring mattresses -- are pretty durable, so you can have lots of hot sex on them for years to come.

- If they're covered in wool or organic cotton, they regulate moisture (read: sweat).

- As coil mattresses age, they get all saggy, lumpy and out of shape (too bad there are no workouts for aging mattresses). According to a recent study, 25 percent of Americans say their mattresses are saggy after three years. Buzzkill.

- Also, there's the squeak factor. Fine if you're alone, embarrassing if you have houseguests -- or you're a parent. Or worst of all, if your houseguests are your parents!

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- Memory foam conforms to your shape, so there are fewer sore knees and no springs in your back. Plus, it doesn't bounce, so it's totally on you to establish a rhythm and maintain it. All that effort equals a total-body workout!

- There are no springs in memory foam mattresses, hence, no squeaking. Perfect for apartment dwellers.

- Things can get hot -- maybe too hot. As your body heats up, so does the memory foam.

- As mentioned above, memory foam doesn't allow a lot of freedom of movement, so it can get frustrating on those nights when you're exhausted and just looking for a minimal-effort quickie (sounds sexy, right?)

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- You can inflate it to your firmness level of choice. If you prefer more traction and movement control, don't give it too much air. Want more bounciness? Fill 'er up! You're in the driver's seat.

- Being so close to the floor is certainly a change of pace. And it could allow for some interesting positions that a more elevated bed might not.

- You're basically doing it on a glorified swimming pool raft, so if you like it rough, you could burst the air valve. Just saying.

- Some air mattresses have a divider where the two air compartments meet, so it'll either stick into your back, or you'll be forced over to one side of the bed.

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