What it Means to Be Amazing in Bed

It's the one gift we all want to give our partners this holiday (and every day!). You can't put a price on it, and you won't find it in any catalog this season.

Chris Donaghue, Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and host of "Bad Sex" on Logo TV says better lovemaking can change your life, and it's simple, so pay close attention if you want to give the gift that keeps on giving! And here's the best part: it's also the best present you will ever get!
Are You Amazing In Bed?
The first step to great sex starts with telling your partner what you want. I'm shocked by how many of my patients expect their partners to be mind readers. If what he is doing feels good, ask him to keep doing it. If what he's doing feels great, tell him to stay right there. We are the only ones who know how the way we are being touched feels, so give detailed directions and positive feedback whenever possible. It may seem hard to switch gears from "How was your day honey?" to "Please make love to me this way," but great sex depends upon it.

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Next, it's important to remember that truly mind-blowing sex is not at all about skill and technique, but instead is born of presence and feeling. "Out of your head and into your body" is my mantra, and as simple as it sounds, our society has caused sexual anxiety in millions of men and women, leaving us feeling sexually dysfunctional and tolerant of bad sex. We focus on our sexual performance. We focus on achieving an orgasm. We focus on everything but experiencing the moment we are in.

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Feel where you are being touched, the pressure, the speed and vocalize how good it feels. Stop focusing on what your body is doing while in bed, and instead start to understand what makes you feel so good. So many people forget there is no finish line to rush toward. Every step of the lovemaking process is equally as important as the next. Sadly, most men and women I work with think genitals or orgasms are the only goal of sex, and they miss out on the arousal that happens outside of this.

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My biggest lesson to teach is that our entire bodies are erogenous zones, not just the ones we hide under our bathing suits. Getting rubbed, licked and massaged anywhere and everywhere, is erotic and will increase arousal for both men and women. Challenge yourself to relax and give and receive this full-bodied pleasure. This adds multiple levels of stimulation, leading to the mind-blowing sex we all seek. Remember: It's not what you do, but how you do it.

5 Key Points:

- Full body touching
- Slow movements: Take your time
- Speak up and ask for it
- Relax and let go
- Challenge yourself

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