Do Men Know If Their Male Friends Are Circumcised or Not?

TurtlesAdvice from three of's guy friends. This week they answer the following: "Do guys ever discuss circumcision with each other? Do you tend to know whether your guy friends are circumcised or not?" To ask the guys your own question, click here.

Gay Single Guy (Justin Huang): Gross. I don't know whether any of my straight guy friends are cut or not (repeat, gross), but I'm sure they'd be a bit freaked out to know that I probably know their penis size and if they're any good at using it if they've hooked up with any one of my girl friends. It's not like I want to know -- in fact it's the exact opposite! My straight boys are like my less evolved younger brothers (whom I don't share a bathroom with!). But margarita night with my girl friends does tend to stray into penis talk, and penis size is always something fun to giggle about over a mixed drink.

When it comes to my fellow gay friends, I'm sure there's a common misconception that all we do is talk nonstop about dick, but if you drop in on us at Sunday brunch, we're probably debating Lana del Ray or trash-talking Nicki Minaj, not whipping it out and comparing. So when it comes to the penises of the men in my life, I have no idea about whether or not they wear hoodies, nor do I particularly care. Unless, of course, I've seen it for myself and gotten a chance to get to know it ;)

Straight Single Guy (Max): Totally. Remember, public showers used to be quite common. I'm guessing that some groups of friends are too homophobic to discuss it, but nakedness happens. Whether it's skinny dipping, walking in on a buddy's sexy situation or just straight talking about it, your true friends will come to learn the status of your foreskin. A bit of a tangent: Can you imagine the first man trying to convince all other men to cut their son's foreskin off? I don't care how you feel about the cleanliness and aesthetic aspects, you have to admit that it must have been an awkward conversation at first. Also, did the man who invented circumcision do it to himself? Or was it invented by women to get us back for millenia of mistreatment?

Straight Married Guy (Ben): I never discussed circumcision with anyone until I had a son. Then, I pretty much only discussed it with my wife and other moms. I never thought about that til now, so I guess it's something guys don't really ever talk about. I'm also not sporty, so I generally don't know anything about my guy friends' dicks. Except for the few I know a LOT about. ;-)

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