What Men Think About Babies

by Emily Mahaney, Glamour

Eleven percent of guys have had baby names picked out for years. Read on for more truths about having kids, from our monthly man survey.

Guys: Which word best describes your thoughts on babies?
Miraculous: 40%
Terrifying: 10%
Both: 50%

So do you ever want to have one?
Yes, definitely: 33%
Maybe, assuming I find the right girl: 23%
Never. Bring on the birth control forever: 13%
I already have one (or more): 31%

What's scariest about having a baby?
The lack of sleep a newborn causes: 7%
The actual birth. It's intense!: 9%
Parenting-I could screw up royally: 33%
The financial pressure of raising a kid: 51%

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Have you picked out names for your future kids?
Yes, I've had them chosen for years: 11%
Not yet, but I've got a few in mind: 36%
This has never occurred to me: 22%
Actually, I already have kids: 31%

What do you most hope your baby will get from you?
My athleticism: 7%
My looks: 11%
My humor: 38%
My work ethic: 44%

Would you want to be married before having a baby?
Yes. It's step one: 60%
Not necessarily: 40%

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Would you marry a woman who didn't want babies?
No, it's a deal breaker: 42%
Yes, if I were in love: 58%

Have you ever lied to a woman by overplaying how much you want kids?
Yes: 7%
No: 93%

Will-or do-you change your baby's diapers?
Yes: 93%
No: 7%

And we've gotta ask: do guys get as excited as women do about buying baby clothes?
Of course! Those little cotton onesies are the cutest things ever: 26%
Not a chance. I don't like buying my own clothes, let alone outfits for a baby: 74%

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