I Met Someone (Online) when I Wasn't Looking

You know the old saying, "Stop looking, then you'll meet someone." All your coupled friends telling you "Stop searching for someone and focus on yourself!" and then the man of your dreams will magically fall into your lap? It's what happened to me, except for me it happened online. My personal and private blog, where all my friends/followers were people I had never actually met.

It started quite innocently about a year ago in fall of 2011. He would send me messages and like my pictures, ask a question here and there. After a bit of time had passed he asked for my email, I was a little hesitant but I went ahead and gave it to him because he was nice and I thought to myself, it's not a big deal. I, for one, am a horrible emailer. Looking back, I saw myself apologizing for never getting back to his emails and being short with him and I cringe! A nice guy like this, who actually wants to talk to me and doesn't even flinch when I reply over a month later. He was very persistent, I guess the guy knew what he wanted.

In the spring of this year, everything changed. All of a sudden, our connection grew and the whirl wind began. Emails quickly turned into texting (because of my inability to reply in a timely manner) and it became maybe an every other day talking sort of thing. And since April of 2012, there has not been a single day that we have not been in contact. The first person I talk to every morning and every night. He keeps me smiling and hopeful that maybe this could be something.

We have yet to meet in person but plan to do so within the next couple months.

I'm curious if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation? If so, what's your story? And also if anyone is interested in my story, let me know and I will keep blogging. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.