Military Men and Civilian Women

There had been a nasty rumor floating around that military marriages are more susceptible to divorces. The extra stress of a deployment or the constant distance of your spouse can sound like something that isn't capable of being weathered but the truth is quite the contrary! The military divorce rate is the exact same as the civilian divorce rate about 50%, which of course is still high but shouldn't effect your choice of choosing to stay with your military partner.
Military guys have a lot to offer and even though their not perfect (no guy is) I have put together a list of things you can count on us for!

1) Sex Appeal- Its part of our jobs! Were not allowed to be fat, if we get out of military standards then its the boot for us. Which means you can count on us to always be slim and fit.

2) Steady Pay Check- In tough economic times like this lets be honest, it can be hard to find a spouse that can provide. Every military branch can count on a steady paycheck on the 1st and the 15th of every month and for alot of people re-enlistment bonuses. Not to include free health care as well as base housing, don't worry about making the rent.

3) Adventure- No body dreams of never leaving there home town or living happily ever after only knowing what its like to live in the same house your whole life. Not only does the US military have bases in almost every country in the world but they'll pay for you and your family to move. You might not always get to pick where your going but you can count on a military school for your kids and plenty of activities for you and your family provided courtesy of your host country. Brush up on your Japanese, there's a lot of military installations in Japan.

4) Pride- Army, Navy or Marine Corp, it doesn't matter, your spouse fights for our freedom and not many people can say that. Of course its nerve racking watching your favorite person get on a plane heading for Afghanistan but you can rest assured knowing that the whole country is rooting for their safe return. While I was deployed one of the problems we had was that we would get too many care packages! I doubt there are too many people out there that would say "What does your husband do? Oh military, well that sucks"

5) Faithfulness- Like I said at the beginning, no one is perfect, however we are trained to give 100% to everything we do. Yes that includes our spouses. No matter what you've heard military does NOT promote cheating of any kind, in fact if your caught cheating on your spouse in the military not only does the Commanding Officer ensure that your wife/husband knows about it but you will lose rank and/or money. I like to remember the line "men of honor" which includes many, many things in our lives. One of them, if not the most important, being honoring our vows to our spouses.

I'm not saying go looking for a military spouse just cause I said so, but be sure to give us a chance if you happen to run into one of us.The fine military members spread throughout the United States are human like the rest of us and every human needs love.