Mistletoe Drone Brings Kisses, Not War, to San Francisco

Two San Francisco artists are spreading Christmas cheer in an unusual (and lovey-dovey) way –– with a tinsel-covered drone bearing a mistletoe.

George Zisiadis, 23, and his partner on the project, Mustafa Khan, 28, treated unsuspecting crowds in the city's Union Square to some holiday romance by flying the drone over their heads, prompting kisses from the couples below.

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On Tuesday, Zisiadis uploaded a video that captured all sorts of couples –– young, old, gay, straight –– taking advantage of the mistletoe moment by puckering up. And by Thursday morning, the footage had racked up more than 9,000 views.

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"There's been so much negative discussion about drones and technology lately that I wanted (to) recast them as something light and fun," Zisiadis tells Yahoo Shine. "Although some people shied away from the drone, most were intrigued and, by the end of the day, they were lining up for an opportunity to kiss under it."

The video is just the latest in a series of feel-good projects by the artist. In September, Zisiadis debuted "The Pulse of the City," an interactive art installation that placed heart-shaped solar-powered units with handles on the streets of Boston. When passerby grabbed the handles, the unit emitted music based on each individual's heart rate. "In a city, there is so much happening around us. I wanted to give people a chance to connect to the rhythm of their bodies," Zisiadis told Yahoo Shine in October. And in 2012, the artist installed radio receivers, speakers, and LED lights into thousands of balloons, then released them into a San Francisco gallery. As the balloons floated, they pulsated music and light. The result was "the world's first-ever immersive, balloon-powered dance party."

We're looking forward to what Zisiadis cooks up for Valentine's Day.

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