Mix ups for Match ups...

Mix ups for Match ups...


To Whom It May Concern( this is an open letter to Match.com, OKCupid, Plentyoffish, or any other online dating site who presumes to know who would be my best match):

Each of your organizations claims to know my "perfect" match. I think not and you are proving it each day.

Number one: I am a smoker, so when you match me up with someone who finds smoking to be disgusting, I have already lost the game here.

Number two: I like men, and only men. When you match me up with someone whom is bisexual or female-I think you must be unaware of my preference.

Number three: I have many children and I do not desire any more. When you match me up with child haters or even from the other spectrum-men who want a million more-again, this is not a clever match.

Number four: I answered on your questionnaire that I will not relocate to China or any other far off land and that I am only willing to travel within a fifty mile radius. Your scientific "perfect" match with the man who lives in Florida, who also likes dining out, is still not a good idea.

Number five: I am curvy and voluptuous. The matches with the men, whom prefer only slender, athletic build and thin women, already hate my guts.

Number five: You asked if I would date a man who is an atheist. I stated that this is one thing I can not budge on, that I must have a man who believes in God. So the matches you sent me of the variety of men who think my faith is "stupid" were only a waste of my time and theirs. And yes I know Satan worshippers actually must believe in God to worship the opposite, this obviously was not what I had in mind.

Number six: Just because a man likes to dine out and read does not mean that we are ideally suited-especially if he can't stand curvy, smoking, God believing, too many children, not rich women.

Number seven: Just because I am a writer and creative, am five three and am flaky, does not mean I want a carbon copy of myself to date. If that were the case, I would forgo dating and not be in need of your services.

Number eight: "I am drama free" This statement should be black balled directly from each and every profile. Life is a drama and if you have no drama in your life then you are dead or the walking undead. I clearly state in my profile that I live in chaos so quit sending me matches who want nothing but peace.

Number nine: You asked what I am looking for. I answered a long term relationship. Matching me up with "sex partners" could turn into a long term relationship but I highly doubt it. I can find that kind of "relationship" well on my own at any of the local bars.

In conclusion, I ask that you review my profile again and send me matches accordingly.

Thank you for your time.


Monika M. Basile