My First Time

Female • 14 • Florida

I lost it in a public park. There is some strange magnetism with me and parks which I fail to understand to this day. The only times I've been in trouble with the law happened at parks. The first time I saw what guys keep behind their belts? A park, at night. Florida kids don't have the luxury of basements, so that's probably where it comes from. One must improvise. (My first real kiss happened on a Carnival cruise. I am every bit the suburban tragedy.)

I hadn't quite gotten used to the idea of guys liking me yet; I was fresh out of years of torture for being the smart, pale girl. He was tall, smart, cute, gentlemanly, and very funny. We sat next to each other in a time-wasting class, where he watched me trick a childhood guy friend into doing my class work. He said I was "cocky" and I said he was confusing cockiness with being resourceful. We started at the school the same year, but in separate grades. He was the guy that almost every girl liked. This, of course, resulted in endless girl-drama, and me being "a huge b---- " to almost every freshman and sophomore girl before I had even gotten the chance to live up to the title. Once I got past being the "b---- ," being his girlfriend made high school seem pretty kick-ass. We were a literal jock-cheerleader couple, and people were nice to me for once.

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