My Husband is TRYING to get me fat!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, ladies ladies. I need some REAL help with this one. Let me give you a little history on things. My husband is a GREAT cook. While we were dating, it was always him that prepared the candle lit dinners. He would always tell me that once we were married he would make sure he cooked to help me maintain my weight. That was the best thing a girl would want to hear that struggles to stay "fit". Now let me also add this, my husband is a fitness finatic. At one time he was a trainer, so physically he is ALL THEIR. Now, I will notice from time to time, he will make comments regarding other men looking at me or how much flirting he thinks I am doing while in the office during the day. Although these comments are not enough to drive me crazy, they are enough to make me realize he may have some insecurity issues himself. Ok, no big deal. Now I have been noticing I am gaining weight but of course when I ask him he says "You look wonderful." Ok, a few days ago, I noticed when he makes my plate for dinner, there is more and more food on the plate. At first I did not say anything but I would try not to eat everything, but of course how could I resist???? His cooking is professional style!!!!! Then last night, again, over loading on my plate, then followed it up with "Do you want some ice cream?"... WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok buddy, so when you jokingly said "Why don't you get fat, that way nobody will look at you and I will love you all the more" YOU WERE SERIOUS!!!!!!!! I know this may really sound crazy. But how can a man plot and plain to cause you to gain weight, because he is SO insecure about other men looking at you that he would want you over weight so NOBODY will look at you (so he thinks!!!!) Well, needless to say, I stood on the scale today and I have gained 13 lbs! That is enough! I just got back into the office from going to join the gym. I advised my husband I will no longer be eating HIS cooking, unless it is steamed veggies and baked fish/poultry (so don't get offended Buddy!) and I joined the gym!!!!! The funny thing is, he has denied nothing! I tell you, is this something I can seek some loving revenge? MEN HAVE WAYYYYY MORE ISSUES THAN WOMEN!!!!!!