My man looks at "casual encounters" on Craigslist...

I'm going to be brief with a summary of our relationship- We met and moved in with each other in 5 months. He's 10 years my senior and his past relationships haven't been, how you say, perfect. Our relationship has been wonderful! He's wonderful. And did I mention that he is the sexiest man ever? Thats beside the point.

My point: He was logged onto Craigslist and was going to look for Motorcycles when I was sitting next to him. The Craigslist homepage popped up and if you have visited something within so many days, it's highlighted in purple. I saw that he has clicked on "Women Seeking Men" and "Casual Encounters."

I exclaimed, "What the F***! Why are you looking at "Casual Encounters?!"

His response, "To remind myself how lucky I am, and how thankful I am to have someone and that I'm not out in the desperate world anymore."

Ladies- Now please understand, that he really is an honest and genuine man, but I've been hurt and I'm wondering if I should believe him or if I should put a guard back up?

Help!?! He's the man of my dreams, and I know that I'm the woman of his- do I believe him or what?