New Year's Sex-olutions: Naughty Ideas to Spice up your New Year's Eve.

Ready to sex up your New Year's Eve? Ring in your New Year's Eve with a little "vo dee yo doh doh" and make 2009 one to remember! Suprise your "baby" this New Year with one or two of our naughty ideas to bring in the new year NAUGHTY! Naughty New Year's Ideas from
1. SEXY is all about attitude, right! Everyone's attracted to confidence and nothing is sexier then a woman how knows she's a lusty goddess. Make yourself feel sexy by splurging on a cute pair of panties or a new sexy pair of shoes that make you feel fabulous. Knowing you have something sexy on underneath your New Year's Eve cocktail dress will make you radiate "I'm HOT!"
If you're feeling extra daring, try our Wireless Vibrating Panties made by the Berman Institute. When you're at the party and each have a cocktail in your hand, give your date the remote control and be sure to stand near the speakers so no one hears your panties humming. The remote control works within a 12' range! You can also give your date a little peek of what's underneath your cocktail dress and let him see your sexy fishnet thigh highs .
2. If you're staying in this New Year's Eve, why not order a few things online and ship them to your date's office or home to build up the tension for a day or two before New Year's Eve. Try some edible massage oils or some Kama Sutra Body Frosting . Send him an email or a text message to detail how you plan to eat the vanilla edible massage oil or the chocolate frosting from his nether regions! Lots of anticipation will make it all so much sweeter. You may even be able to stay up after the ball drops in NYC.
3. If you're married and it feels like you've been married FOREVER, how about a new adult game to increase the intimacy and the sensual seduction on New Year's Eve. There are games that are more like dares ; one that is like a naughty version of twister for your sheets ; strip chocolate ; erotic dice ; and one called LUST ! All of them are fun and can bring lots of lusty passion to your New Year's Eve party at home. And if you're in a new relationship, how about our new "Are you a Good Lover Game ."
4. Are you on the EXTRA SPICY side of things and looking for something more advanced or slightly kinky? You could tie up your New Year's date and refer to our book, "Bondage on a Budget" by Alison Tyler, to find some items around your home to tease, tempt and sweetly torture your lover. Some of our favorite suggestions from this fun book are: tongs from the kitchen; rubber spatula; rolling pin; pastry brush; dishwashing gloves; dog leash; duct tape; turkey baster and the kitchen timer, too! Need some affordable restraints that he can't wiggle out of without some sweet begging? Here is our Beginners Bondage - 4 restraints and a very nice velvet lined blindfold. Or for the grrrls, we also love the very Sexy pink Bondage Tape that can be used so strategically and looks beautiful, too.
5. Maybe you are ready to demonstrate your new Pole Dancing moves and you want to really heat up your home party. Set up a stripper pole and watch everyone flock to it. Even the guys will end up on your stripper pole. The poles do require some bolts in the cieling if you are going to swing upside down, do inversions and give it a real work out so be sure to order early so you can get it installed before the party. We have three versions of the stripper poles and they are all priced pretty much the same - in the $160 - $170 range.
The TLC Private Dancer Pole will work with cielings up to 9'2" tall! The Carmen Electra Pole is very portable and designed to go up and come down quickly. The My Sexy Pole is SUPER sturdy once the bolts are installed and will work with cielings up to 8'5" tall. If you're in the Bay Area, we can also recommend our friends at who also offer Home Pole Dancing Lessons! Give Julie a call book your own home party Pole Dance lesson. 6. And for all of you "lifestylers" throwing those extra devlish parties we also carry the Topco Love Swing and the Spinning Swing - take gravity out of the equation and swing away! Our price on the Sex Swing is $140 and at we always pay the ground shipping on all purchases over $25.
Add some of your own ideas to our Naughty New Year's Eve Blog and maybe your New Year's Even "Sex-olutions" will inspire others to bring in 2009 with a bang! (Sorry, I had to!)


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