No Baby for Kate and Will in 2012, Says Royal Expert

About that baby, when do you think it might happen, no pressure, just want to firm up a date so if it you know that'd be great, thanks. Regards, Everyone in the World. About that baby, when do you think it might happen, no pressure, just want to firm up a date so if it you know …Everyone stop asking them about a baby, okay? That's the vibe I'm getting from Kate and Will. You know, that still-no-baby royal couple who travel a lot and are in love and still aren't expecting a child just yet? Them.

Ever since their April Wedding, an internal clock lodged in the planet's collective unconsciousness, has been rattling to get this show on the road. The pressure on Princess Di to produce an heir to the throne in the first year of her marriage to Charles was immense.

But Will and Kate aren't bullied by expectations. A fairly well-connected royal columnist for the Mail on Sunday reported the couple plans to wait till next year to try for an heir.

According to the Mail's Katie Nicholl, Will and Kate are pretty booked for the next several months what with the London Olympics (they're official ambassadors for the event) and Queen Elizabeth's 60-year crown party (Kate's helping with the planning). Kate's also slated to represent the royal family on a trip to Singapore, Malaysia and the South Pacific in the Fall. In other words, it's just not a good time. In other, other words: back off, baby-watchers.

Beyond their busy schedules, Kate and Will may just want a year to be married without the added business of a child. The average age of first time mothers has increased significantly in the past 20 years, as couples wait longer to make the leap into parenthood. Kate and Will aren't the most progressive famous couple out there, but in their subtle way, they're masters at pushing back at palace mandates and traditional expectations without ruffling too many feathers. According to Nicholl's sources, Will and Kate are in no hurry to make a baby this year, perhaps because the line to the throne is already fairly long. But also because caving into what other people want is no way to start a family, even a royal one.

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