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Candlelight Activities For You and Your Partner!Candlelight Activities For You and Your Partner!

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Amidst the presidential election, a woman still managed to get the best of us all. Sandy, you both have officially diverted focus of billions of people away from who could potentially run our country and eventually rescue us from this financial debacle we're dealing with and to the attention of finding gas, power, and our lost faith for humanity.

In the wake of the destruction personally at the hands of Sandy, homes have been flooded and destroyed, trees have fallen abundantly like their leaf-counterparts, and power lines swing back and forth like vines in a jungle, proving hell truly hath no fury like a woman scorned.

For the fortunate ones, simply only losing power in the midst of others pain and loss, we have channeled the days before Benjamin Franklin, lighting candles, hunting for our own food, and surviving at any means necessary. Televisions have remained untouched and keyboards have been left un-clicked, all in an attempt to compose our sanity, trying to remember a time when iPhones, Facebook, and even DVD's did not exist.

Boredom has obviously set in tremendously, resorting to the simple, forgotten entertainment in life like playing cards, reading, and just hanging out with family.

Wait, people still do that? I guess it makes more sense when the lights are on.

Anyway, one can only play so many games of rummy with their mother and/or read in the dark before their eyes sting in the blackness or your flash light runs out of batteries, leaving us to curse the Energizer Bunny. Also, there are only so many beers you can gulp down -- alone -- before it becomes a problem and you're left drunk -- by yourself -- with no one to share the moment of inebriation with.

During times like these, if you have no power, it's no problem if you have a significant other. Think about all the possibilities, trapped in a house all day with the person you love, without ripping each other's heads off, creating ways to pass time and have fun doing so.


Remember when I asked you to think about all the possibilities a couple seconds ago? Well, I was mainly referring to everybody's favorite three letter word: Sex.

You don't need lights or power for it. It's time to get creative. Try having sex in different areas of your humble abode, places one normally wouldn't partake in such riveting activity, while avoiding burning out your flash lights or burning down the house, knocking candles over in the process. Knock everything else down though. You have Sandy to blame it on, not your intense, creative, spontaneous love-making.

It can be an easy way to lose yourself among the boredom and escape into your own sexual fantasy, for a day or two at least. Sex can be a great way to forget about your lack of power, empty gas cans, and random, bitter cold weather. Give yourself a reason to focus on what is important, leaving a world of opportunity open to help rid yourself of the constant thought of the unfortunate events taking place.


Understandably, there couldn't be two more dichotomous areas of life. Understandably, time alone in the dark with no power can make you crazy. Understandably, times like these call for creativity in more ways than one. You're going to think I'm a little crazy, if that thought hasn't crossed your mind already.

Play adult hide-and-seek. The difference between adult hide-and-seek and regular hide-and-seek is now you are adults playing the game we all loved to play. If you can't have fun playing hide-and-seek, then maybe I'm not the only crazy one.

Grab a flash light and recall the days you managed to fit into every nook and cranny of your house, developing awesome hiding spots. The thrill of predator chasing prey can overcome you, especially in a house that's pitch dark. Who knows, it might rile you up to want to have even more sex.

Build forts. I'm still not kidding. You can't tell me you never grabbed all the sheets and blankets in your house, moved all the furniture around and built your own castle-like, safe haven. Put your heads together and combine your innovative minds. Even though it may be a little difficult in the dark, achieve that sense of accomplishment and admire your impressive architecture. Move into your new sleeping quarters for the night. Hey if anything, it's simply another place to have sex.

Tell scary stories. Halloween may be over but that doesn't mean fear itself goes with it. Act like a kid for a little bit. Nobody will judge you, especially not in the dark. Your neighbors are probably doing the same thing.

Gyms aren't open if they don't have electricity. The streets aren't exactly the safest place for a run. Actually, you don't even need an excuse; eat and drink away. If you don't have gas powered appliances, you'll manage. Disregard the cold weather, break out the barbeque and light that baby up. Be careful of any down wires and fallen tree branches and walk to your nearest convenient store, buy ice, grab a cooler, and let every bottle of alcohol you own get cold.

What else is there to do anyway…have sex?

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