NOOOOOO! Sandra Bullock and her husband separate, we feel devastated

We know it's only Thursday, but we're going to go ahead and call this THE WORST RELATIONSHIP NEWS OF THE WEEK: According to multiple sources, Sandra Bullock has moved out of the home she shares with husband Jesse James, has abruptly canceled a European press tour for her movie "The Blind Side," and, in the process, she's shattered all of our dreams about Hollywood fairytales.

Reports began surfacing yesterday that James, 40, the man who Bullock repeatedly praised during her recent awards season sweep, has been engaging in an affair with Michelle McGee, a multi-tattooed stripper and mom of two.

While the story's details are still shaky and sordid and not totally to be trusted, McGee alleges that she reached out to James over MySpace, that he invited her over for a sexy photo shoot, that the affair lasted eleven months (while Bullock was away in Atlanta filming her Oscar-winning role for "Blind Side"), and that James told her his marriage to Bullock was a "sham" for "publicity."

If any of this is true, it's outrageous and it's awful and destroys one of the greatest celeb love stories of recent years-the down-to-earth romantic comedy star finds happiness with a big, gruff man's man with a heart of gold!

The unlikely couple met in 2004 when Bullock toured the set of James' show "Monster Garage." They were married in July 2005. Afterwards, Bullock took a break from acting to enjoy the relationship and even helped raised James' kids from a previous relationship.

Since then, the 45-year-old actress has effusively credited James with grounding her and supporting her through her recent success. At this year's Golden Globe Awards, when she accepted her award for best actress, Bullock tearfully thanked her husband for "always having my back." Ugh.

You hear that sound? It's our hearts breaking for you, Sandy. Sad, sad news indeed.

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