Is it Normal to Have a Wedding Pinterest Board when You Don't Have a Boyfriend?

Is it possible to be a bridezilla with out actually having a wedding? Or a groom for that matter?

Oh, Pinterest. In the short time you've been around, you've managed to make me get a haircut, slather my face in geletin and milk, and spray paint a lot of unsuspecting furniture. My own personal Pinterest addiction includes pinning pictures of sloths and planning sewing projects for my as-yet-unconceived-future-second child. Please note: I don't like to sew.

But that's not even the beginning of the crazy. I noticed that I have a lot of single friends pinning pictures of wedding ideas, the only problem is, they aren't engaged or even seeing someone. And I'm not the only one noticing this trend. According to an article in Marie Claire titled "Single Bridezillas" there is a rising trend of single, successful women planning their weddings:

"Sociologists say that for successful women, there's another factor pushing them to prematurely plan their weddings: Because women of the Echo Boomer and Y generation don't need to marry for financial security, they've hyper-romanticized the institution. It's essentially become a nonprofit venture, aimed at a greater, far more elusive good: happiness. In fact, 51 percent of college-educated women believe married people are happier than singles. Women without college degrees are less likely to buy into that sentiment." Related: Are You Ready For Marriage, Or Are You Rushing Into It?

Despite the growing prevalence of this trend, I'm going to have to declare this to be absolutely crazy. Planning your wedding before you even have a spouse to be completely misses the point of a wedding--the uniting of TWO people. I know you will be the bride, but the wedding isn't just about YOU. It's about the both of you. Take a deep breath and put the pins down, bridezilla. You're just setting yourself up for disappointment when your groom refuses to get on board with your whole oatmeal and orange theme.

What do you think? Is this normal? Am I completely off base?

Written by Lyz Lenz for

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