OD on OVERthinking?

Why do I do this to myself. I torture myself with this. I'm so use to OVERthinking I'm starting to do it without even realizing it. I've backspaced at least a few dozen times already and I only have 2 lines of thoughts. I know techinically your first start is usually your best but being in the mindest I'm in I'm just not sure. OVER thinking and second guessing myself is starting to take over my life. I OVERthink everything, test,movies,books and sometimes I OVERthink my own damn thoughts. Huh this is so frustrating, this addiction has become so strong that it's affecting my relationships. Though I know this guy is great I shy away because I cant make up my mind on how to approach this situation. There are so many things that can happen. Rejection is one. what if he walks away? what if he laughs? what if he is already talking to someone else? As much as we hang out you'd think I'd alredy know if he was talking to someone else. But between his golden brown eyes, white perfect teeth,chizzled features, smooth skin and his ability to make me laugh just with his facial expresssions its hard for me to stay focus on anything thats coming out of his mouth though I know it's probably something every girls wants to hear, or maybe its something very intelligent, or something amusing or even something heartfelt, but I'll never know because instead of being over there telling him how I feel, i'm sitting here feeding my habbit. I know it's nothing medicine can help and I know I don't have an disability though it may seem that way. no I just, well I think I am, no I am just OVERthinking . I mean he seems intrested in what I have to say but theres no real sign that he's looking for a relationship. I've never seen him check me out and though it might feel a little degrading when someone randomly does it I could sure use the sign, the sign that he's intrested. Another hour passes and i'm still sitting here. OVERthinking and not doing. soon i'm going to OD... OD on OVERthining.