That One Thing

I was out with some friends last night, male and female, and a topic came up that I can't get out of my head….in a good way.

The question was simple….what things (other than real foreplay or actual sex) can another person do to put you in an instant "rip your clothes off" frame of mind.

Here's a couple that stood out in my mind:

Male friend - "When my wife walks around in one of my dress shirts and nothing else"

Female friend - "When he leaves little notes around the house telling me how he feels about me and what he wants to do when he gets home"

Male friend - "Watching her through the glass when she's in the shower"

Female friend - "When he sneaks up behind me and nibbles my neck"

Male friend - "A text telling me she can't wait to get home….she feels like being a little naughty"

Female friend - "When I come home and the house is clean….the sheets on the bed have been changed….the garbage is emptied"

There was quite a bit more but those were highlights. For me personally, I surf, so a woman in a full wetsuit is very sexy to me…doesn't leave much to the imagination.

What are some of yours?