Online Dating 101: Keep It Fresh

By Scott Alden for HowAboutWe

So, you signed up for an online dating site and completed your profile. Six months ago. Something must have changed since then, right? So why doesn't your profile reflect that?

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Did you cut all your hair off? Post a pic. We want to see how awesome you look. Did you go backpacking in Thailand? Tell us about it. New job? Congratulations! Make sure to update that in your basic information. Just had the best Bloody Mary of your life? Post the brunch spot as a date.

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An online dating site is not that different than a social network, really. When something new happens in your life, whether it's earth shattering or not, it's okay to tell people about it. Updating your profile regularly keeps you invested in your dating life and keeps your head in the game. And just like with a bold new hair color or some fresh new kicks, it will get you noticed.

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