Online Dating? Martha Stewart Has 7 Tips for You

<i>Photo Courtesy of NEW YOU magazine, by Fadil Berisha</i>

Photo Courtesy of NEW YOU magazine, by Fadil Berisha

Now that Martha Stewart has taken a leap of faith and joined she has some words of wisdom for all the online daters out there.

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1. Shared interests are crucial for a successful relationship. I'm a firm believer in group exercise and companion sports, from yoga classes to golf or bocce ball - sometimes I'll even let my dates win.

2. Must love dogs. And cats. And chickens and donkeys and horses. If you're an animal lover, that last thing you want is someone who doesn't love your furry and feathered friends.

3. Judge a person by their profile photo - to a degree. While nothing can compare to the importance of a stellar personality, the profile photo is your first indication of how someone presents himself or herself.

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4. I plan on living a good, long life, so my dates have to be able to keep up when we work out. You can show your dedication by pledging to live a good, long life.

5. Money isn't everything, but one should never turn down the opportunity to date someone with his or her own helicopter. Trust me on that one.

6. I'm much too active to date someone without any hobbies. So while I wouldn't expect my match to embrace all of my favorite pastimes, I need someone who at least appreciates a home-cooked meal or an expertly designed garden. (Note: If you find someone who cooks like me, marry them.)

7. A little extra thought goes a long way. For avid gardeners like me, never underestimate the power of a well-chosen bouquet of flowers on the first date.

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