Only Three Photos from Your Wedding Will Really Matter. Find Out Which Three.

By Mandy Chan,

The fun part after the wedding comes when your photographers finally finish editing all 3000 of the pictures they took on your big day. As the bride, of course you'll go through each and every one of them, picking and choosing which ones to frame, put in an album and share online. Sure, you'll upload 10 pictures of just your wedding cake and cake table alone (after all, the set up and planning of that alone was a labor of love over an entire weekend!) to your favorite social media outlet and your wedding album will include all of the details that made your special day memorable, but how many of those precious images will actually get printed and framed?

We think these 3 photos will definitely end up framed and displayed in your new home together.

1. Couple


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Not just any photo of the couple, though. Fun poses and serious faces are fun for your Facebook or Instagram account, but for your home, choose a more formal and traditional shot that will be displayed for years to come. Something you can proudly show to your family or future children as a souvineer of the day when you said "I do."

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2. Bride and Bridesmaids


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This choice is more likely to appeal to the bride as a reminder of the day she married her best friend with her first best friends by her side, since guys in general aren't really the type to frame cute photos of themselves with their dudes. Something fun and non-traditional will work here. Choose something that will perfectly showcase all of your personalities and emotions from the day.

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3. Family

Happy Mothers Day

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Because when else do you all get together in your Sunday best, hair and makeup perfectly applied, with beautiful scenery? A great professional family photo (outside of a portrait studio and not on a holiday card) is less common than you may think! Have your photographers snap a shot of your entire family together or just you with your mom or dad- anything special that caputures the joy you felt that day. And bonus, your parents will love seeing their photo displayed on your mantel.

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