Is He a Patriots Fan? Cheer Him Up with These 6 Moves

By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

So your dude was tossing nachos at the screen while the Giants were kissing their cup. Maybe he even cried a little. (We won't tell.) If he's a New England supporter, the Super Bowl last night was rough, and you may be feeling a little neglected.

Even if you're not a football fan, here's how to remind him that you're the Gisele to his Tom Brady. OK, with sex tips, mostly. But also a book!

Make him comfort food for dinner... in your lingerie. This one has a storied history of working out great. Just saying.

Recreate your favorite steamy movie scene. Ever see A History Of Violence? Got access to a staircase? Yup. Or, if you guys aren't cinema fans, go for some new aerodynamically-challenging position he's always wanted to try.

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Don't be afraid of sexting. Especially it's something you don't do often, a sultry text could be an unexpected pick-me-up for him. Something like "Can't wait to kiss you everywhere tonight," maybe? Smiley face optional? I usually go with 80 of them.

Surprise him when he comes home wearing one of his dress shirts, buttoned halfway, with high heels. And red lipstick. And nothing else. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

Get him a thoughtful little present. Stop by the bookstore and grab the new book about the history of ESPN or The Only Game In Town: Sports Writing From The New Yorker to get him out of the dumps.

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Morning sex? Great for morale. Although the AM friskies may not be your thing on the regular, surprise him with a before-work treat.

Note: All of the above is obviously conditional on your dude reciprocating when your favorite contestant on The Voice loses. If he does not show this kind of unfettered support and devotion, feel free to administer tough love.

Any other tips to get distracted BFs in line? Did anyone have to share custody with Eli Manning this week?

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