How-To: Personalized Wedding Thank-You Cards

Get creative with your thank-yous! Follow these easy steps for DIY cards that incorporate your favorite wedding photos.


Personalized Wedding Thank-You CardsPersonalized Wedding Thank-You Cards
This cute DIY thank-you card project comes to us straight from wedding and event planner Angela at Oh So Joyous. The project includes an embossed card and photos - all wrapped in a pretty little pocket folder.

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What You Need:
- Rubber "Thank You" stamp
- Ink of your color choice
- Luggage tags
- Rubber stamp of your choice for the front of the card (you can use a custom monogram stamp!)
- Watermark ink or embossing ink
- Cards and envelopes
- Thermal embossing powder of your color choice
- Heat gun
- Your favorite wedding photos
- Pocket folders
- Ribbon

What You NeedWhat You Need
Follow These Easy Steps: Step 1
Using the "Thank You" stamp, stamp the luggage tags with the regular ink and then set them aside.

Step 1Step 1
Follow These Easy Steps: Step 2

Press the other rubber stamp on the watermark ink and stamp the image onto the card by pushing down firmly and removing the stamp quickly.

Follow These Easy Steps: Step 3
Shake the thermal embossing powder over the image until it's completely covered. To remove the excess powder, tap the card over some paper and then empty that powder back into the container. Brush off the card to make sure the card has no stray flecks of powder.

Step 3 - Part 1Step 3 - Part 1
Turn on the heat gun and melt the powder; This may take a few seconds.

Step 3 - Part 2Step 3 - Part 2
Follow These Easy Steps: Step 4

After you've written your note in the card, put it in an envelope. Then insert the envelope and photographs into the pocket folder and close it.

Follow These Easy Steps: Step 5
Slip the ribbon through the luggage tag and tie it around the pocket folder. Finish it off with the tie of your choice and voila!

Step 5Step 5

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