PHOTOS: Marine's Touching Wedding Tribute

Matthew Krivohlavy, currently deployed overseas, couldn't attend his brother's wedding in Austin, Texas last weekend, so the Marine pilot did the next best thing -- he taped a video "toast" from the cockpit of his Harrier jet!

Groom Brandon Krivohlavy posted the video on Reddit a few days ago, and so far, it's garnered over a thousand comments. He played the footage at the ceremony, and "everyone in the room was either crying or completely speechless. It was a very moving moment for everyone there," he wrote.

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Unfortunately, the YouTube video has since been taken down, but not before The Daily Mail in the U.K. took the following screen grabs that show how the story unfolded. Like any fabulous wedding toast, he mentioned how special both the groom and bride (Mandy Takacs) are to him, poked fun at his sibling, and offered memorable wedding advice. Just how memorable? Daily Mail reports that at the end of the video, when he exclaims "Go nuts together!", he does a 360-degree roll in the sky!
Pilot Matthew Krivohlavy's amazing flashcards Pilot Matthew Krivohlavy's amazing flashcards

Do you have a relative or friend who won't be able to make it to the wedding? I can relate to the Krivohlavy brothers because one of my maids of honor, my cousin Sonia, lives in Milan, Italy. Throughout each step of the planning process -- from the moment my fiancé slipped the ring on my finger three years ago at the beach to our recent cake-tasting this past weekend -- I felt her absence, imagining what she'd say if she were here and the ecstatic hugs I know she'd give me. Thankfully, she'll be flying in for the wedding, but I was inspired by this story and its reminder that love and hope has the power to transcend the thousands of miles that separate us.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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By: Stefania Sainato