Pick a Rose, (Not) Any Rose: What Your Color Choice Says About Your Love

Which rose is the fairest of them all?Which rose is the fairest of them all?By Cass Collin for HowAboutWe

Roses = love, right? Actually, it's more complicated than that. Flowers could signify a life of close friendship, or they could be a multi-meaning ode to how you fell in love at first sight. Before you get stressed, read up on these flowers and their meanings, so you'll be sure to give just the right bouquet this February 14.

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Red: Yes, yes, red roses are the standard on V-Day. And with good reason. Greek and Roman mythology tied the red roses to their goddesses of love and the flowers moved through many cultures as the symbol for love and fidelity because the brazen hue stands stronger than its thorns. If you want to add an extra layer to the perennial favorite, gift them in symbolic numbers (such as two for mutual love or 24 to symbolize they are always on your mind).

Pink: Pink roses are actually the first known variety of the flower, and early on signified love and gratitude. Once the more fiery red roses came in and stole their thunder, pink roses became known for more poetic romance and grace. The darker shades continue to signify thanks, while lighter hues send a message of adorable admiration (or sympathy in some cases).

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White: Red roses may have the lock on Valentine's, but it's their white counterparts that actually represent true love. The pure hue of these buds obviously symbolize innocence and have become a bridal favorite due to their connotations of unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love. However, the flowers are also traditional funerals because of their associations with honor and reverence. In other words, save these for your serious relationships.

Yellow: In Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy (so probably not a great choice if it's an issue in your relationship), but now the sunny shade represents friendship and affection, so it's a great this isn't weird option to send to your just-a-friend friend. It's also perfect for people from Texas.

Orange: A rose the color of a traffic cone makes a bold statement -- in more ways than one. The color symbolizes fiery passion and desire and is the traditional choice to symbolize taking it to the "next level," as it's the bridge between friend zone yellow roses and more romantic reds. If she or he doesn't respond to the hint, they also can represent pride, so tell them orange roses mean you're proud of them and abort mission.

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Lavender or Purple: The rarity of these roses gives them a mystical, enchanting vibe, which is why they've become associated with love at first sight. Give it to the person you locked eyes with across the bar or to Taylor Swift.

Black: You already know -- you either hate this person, or you're into this sort of thing.