Pippa Middleton: The bridesmaid of the century?

Likely maid of honor, Pippa Middleton (with sister Kate) has her work cut out for her. (photo via Papermag.com)Likely maid of honor, Pippa Middleton (with sister Kate) has her work cut out for her. (photo via Papermag.com …
As stressful as it is to be a bride, it's often worse for the maid of honor. With a host of managerial duties, bridezilla-soothing expectations, and a thankless outfit to match, head bridesmaid can be less an honor than a duty.

For Pippa Middleton, who's expected to be named her big sister Kate's maid of honor for the royal wedding of the century, her duties are unrivaled. In the months leading up to the April 29 ceremony, she'll likely have to organize bachelorette and shower parties that won't insult the queen. But the biggest responsibility of "chief bridesmaid" is making sure the royal bridal gown is perfectly displayed on Kate's big day. While there's no word yet on what the gown will look like, if Lady Di's 25 foot train is any indication, it'll take an engineer to maneuver.

And while she's keeping her sister looking impeccable, she'll likely suffer the pains of every woman forced to wear a bridesmaid dress. Except for Pippa, the world is watching. Tradition dictates the head bridesmaid wears the same dress as all the other bridesmaids, regardless of age. That means her dress could match William's eight-year-old relative, Margarita Armstrong-Jones, who's also rumored to be a bridesmaid.

But Pippa has proven she can hold her own in royal settings. The 27-year-old party planner shared a flat with an Earl and a Lord in college and was linked to a Lord in the past. Her socialite status and closeness with Kate have sparked talk that she'll be chosen as Kate's permanent bridesmaid or Lady-In-Waiting. That means she'd be a glorified personal assistant to Kate, overseeing correspondences and joining her sister for travel to high-profile events. It's a gig Pippa's prepared for as an employee for her family's party planning company.

But first, her work knowledge will be put to the test for the bachelorette party of the century. A three-day karaoke, dinner, and dancing throw-down at one of the royal family's country homes is rumored to be in store for sister Kate in the last week of March, according to UK gossip magazine Grazia. Fifteen guests, including Will's cousins, are expected to enjoy a private disco and multi-course dinner. If Pippa is a proper hen party planner, she'll make sure there's penis pasta on the menu.


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