Playful Wedding Centerpieces (Flowers Not Required)

Playful Wedding Centerpiece
At this wedding, each table had a different theme. The "photo" table held vintage View-Master discs, slide carousels, wooden frames, and a classic camera; larkspur, peach roses, scabiosa seed heads, and craspedia shot out of the centerpiece's wheatgrass base.

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Floating Centerpiece with Stars
A constellation of 3-D stars becomes a floating centerpiece with the help of fishing wire and a lot of glitter. Candleholders in matching shades and varying heights set the stage for a sparkling night.

Rice-paper star lanterns, Asian Ideas, Cylinders and votives, Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies, "Victoria Ghost" chair, by Philippe Starck, from Taylor Creative,

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Fruit and Vegetable Wedding Centerpieces
A single long table seats all 70 guests; colorful fruit and vegetables grace its center.

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Ripe Fruit Wedding Centerpieces
Ripe fruits symbolize abundance and fertility -- and make delicious favors. Tomatoes look beautiful and enticing in this rustic Italian display.
Modern Wood Centerpiece
Millinery birds perch on branches blooming with handmade paper blossoms. Blue vases (positioned between seats so conversation can flow) match the color of the plates, which also have a blossom motif. A crepe-paper bloom decorates each place card.

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Teacup Wedding Centerpiece
Flowers fade, but beautiful china can be enjoyed long after the last dance. Collect cups and saucers from flea markets; rent them from party rental companies; or, for a sweet touch, borrow them from family members. Stack them high, secure with Museum Wax, set votive candles in the cups, grace every saucer with a single rose or more, and you've got yourself a super-inexpensive centerpiece that's graceful and unique.
Wedding Centerpiece with Herbs
Invigorate table arrangements with a flavor infusion. Farmers'-market greenery, like oregano, basil, and tarragon, gives a modern setting an organic feel when planted in sleek pots. The smaller pots of herbs are inventive displays for a wraparound menu of foods that put the plants' virtues to good use -- and they double as wedding favors.

Stainless cubes, Jamali Garden Supplies.

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Bohemian Wedding Centerpiece
For bohemian yet tailored table decor, look no further than these dangling embroidery hoops fitted with beautiful fabrics. The trick is to use translucent fabrics in the same palette, and hoops that vary in size and dangle at different heights (for an organic effect).

Bamboo cylinders, Jamali Garden Supplies.

How To Make this Hanging Centerpiece
Swedish-Chic Wedding Centerpiece
Game pieces, vintage keys, and animal figurines are all spray-painted to coordinate with the tableware, ensuring that what could've looked hodge-podgey becomes modern and Swedish-chic. If you're the hunter-gatherer type, you'll love these tablescapes that show off your favorite flea-market treasures. The key: giving them a sophisticated edge. The secret: spray painting them all cream for an upscale look.

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