Proposal Nightmares from Brides Who Survived Them!

Think every proposal is like something out of a fairy tale? Think again. Even the best intentioned -- and most well-planned -- proposals can go awry. Just find out what happened to these brides, but don't worry, every story has a happy ending.


Snowed In
"We got lost on our snowmobiles in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness in January. It was pitch black, minus 50 degrees, and we were in the midst of a horrible blizzard. We finally found our way back to civilization by following a railroad that led us back to the highway. We were so ecstatic and rolled off our snowmobiles into the snow, when my boyfriend just looked at me so seriously and asked, "Spend the rest of your life with me, please?"

We made it to the nearest ski resort (we had to hitchhike back into town!) and stayed for four days to celebrate our survival and engagement! It was the worst day of my life, yet ironically also the happiest. -- YalieBrideWed87245

Solo Performance
My boyfriend proposed last week at karaoke. He knows I love karaoke, and I wanted a "public" proposal with friends there. So he set it up for his friends to record it. He planned on proposing during his karaoke song, but when it came to be his turn, none of our friends were there! They were all late. He proposed anyway -- and of course, luck would have it that our friends walked in five minutes later. -- BeachFeetWed177495

Great Heights
My fiance told his mother he was going to propose at a certain spot in Central Park in NYC. Knowing the park well, she insisted she be there to capture the entire thing on video, but he really wanted it to be a surprise and was afraid I would spot her, and it would be ruined.

He asked her not to come -- but she came anyway. She got there before us and, thinking she could get a better shot from above, decided to climb a nearby tree. When we finally arrived, she leaned the wrong way for an even better view and fell out of the tree, breaking her arm! We had to rush her to the hospital, where he eventually popped the question in the waiting room. --kat42811

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Way to Go, Sherlock
My fiance and I were planning a cabin trip with our friends for Memorial Day weekend, and since he was working late he asked me to pack up his bags for him. As I was packing I couldn't find some of his clothes, so I searched his entire closet and came across a beautiful red box -- the same red box my diamond earrings came in last Christmas. I figured he'd just kept the box from the holidays and opened it -- and it was my ring! I dropped everything and stared at it -- I even tried it on!

I put it back just as I heard him getting home. He ended up bringing the ring on the trip and proposing on top of a mountain that weekend -- he still doesn't know I saw it coming. -- Giulianamd

A Sick Story
I got home one night and told my fiance I wasn't feeling well, and he said he'd make dinner while I took a nap. He made a very romantic dinner and asked that I put on something nice (even though all I wanted to do was lounge in my sweatpants). After reading a poem he wrote, he then popped the question. While I was totally thrilled, I was definitely feverish the whole time, and sadly that's what I remember most.

But it gets worse. The next day I was even sicker. I missed an entire week of work and barely managed to call my immediate family members to tell them I was engaged. To add insult to injury, two weeks later the ceiling in our apartment collapsed! Suffice to say, the start to our engagement was not perfect. -- katysbug05

The Missing Prop
I knew the proposal was coming -- and soon! We went out with all of our friends to see our favorite live band. My fiance and I were out on the dance floor and he said, "I love you so much and I want to marry you." I replied, "I love you too -- wait, was that a proposal?" He then said, "I really wish it was, but I forgot the ring tonight. I'm so sorry."

The next evening we were pretty tired from the night before and went out for a low-key dinner. We got into the car afterwards, and all of a sudden he had the ring out and asked, "Will you marry me?" I definitely wasn't expecting it at that moment. -- future-mrs

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One-Star Service
My fiance took me to the fireworks at Navy Pier in Chicago for his proposal. Unfortunately for him, my blood sugar had dropped, so I was crabby all night. His plan was for us to go to a nice dinner, but I was so hungry I insisted on eating on the way there. He told me that he really just wanted to get there and we could eat as soon as we arrived, but I kept getting crabbier by the minute.

We went to the very first restaurant at Navy Pier -- but because of the fireworks, the service was so slow! I went to the ladies room and when I came back, the ring was there. "Can you be happy now?" he asked, exasperated.

But the story does not end there. After our poor service at the restaurant -- which included a rat running across the floor -- on the way home, my fiance's car overheated in bumper to bumper traffic, and we had to pull off the road. What a night to remember! -- MrsI

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