A Public Affair: Facebook Couples Pages Have Arrived

Facebook couples pages have arrived Facebook couples pages have arrived As if Pinterest wedding boards and a flurry of couples photos on Instagram weren't enough, Facebook has decided to launch a new feature that caters specifically to lovebirds: couples profiles.

Now, Krishann N. Chris. Kris N. Chris -- I'll bet you haven't seen that on a Facebook profile page, at least not one that belongs to me, and now thanks to this new profile option, you never will. Ever.

Actually, even if the inevitable hadn't happened and Facebook didn't make couples profiles, you still wouldn't. Ever.

Several years ago the giddy younger version of myself would have loved to have a shared Facebook page with my man. There was a time when I thought sharing everything with a guy meant we were the real deal. Ever wear your boyfriend's sweater or jacket on purpose, not because you were cold or forgot yours at home, but because it was cool, in your eyes anyway? Plus, it made you feel special right (come on, you know you did that too)?

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I remember when I started seeing shared Facebook profiles pop up all over my "friends" list. Everyone's middle initial was "N": Lucy N. Leo, Kate N. Keith. Everyone, except mine.

For a moment the part of me that loves mushy, cheesy, cutesy stuff wondered what it would be like to share a Facebook page with my husband. But then I thought about the fact that my husband and I both use Facebook regularly. Not just to keep in touch with family, but also to keep in touch with friends, and a good number of those friends are ones he and I don't share.

My husband and I are a couple, but that couple is made up of two separate parts; plus, he rarely posts pictures and isn't a fan of emoticons. So while in theory a shared Facebook page seems like a good idea, particularly for those whose spouse doesn't frequent Facebook that much, it just isn't for us. Not even if we've got options now and "N" no longer has to be our middle name.

What are your thoughts on this? Are couples pages on Facebook a do or don't?

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- By Krishann Briscoe
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