Quiz: Can you guess the romantic comedy by its keywords?

Taxi + New York + Fashion = Confessions of Shopaholic and 500 other movies.Taxi + New York + Fashion = Confessions of Shopaholic and 500 other movies. Today, a total genius found a new use for Wikipedia: looking up music video synopses. By some twist of fate, he discovered the site's hyper-technical, ultra-detailed explanation for the music video "Regulate". That got my noggin churning: could other wiki sites, like for example IMDB, offer similar jewels? Indeed.
If you love movies, but hate watching them, also if you're Rain Man, you probably know about "Plot Keywords." That's the feature on every movie's IMDB page that sums up any movie with a list topics in the film (For example, "The Godfather" plot keywords are "mafia" "wedding" "violence")

In the world of romantic comedies, the plot keywords are proof of the genre formula. "New York City", "Wedding", "Alcohol", "Fashion Show" and "Lie" and some kind of extreme weather pattern seem to crop up in every entry. Sprinkle in a little "Southern Accent" and "Dead Parent" and you've got yourself a blockbuster. It takes a true Rom-Com connoisseur to tell them apart. Have a gander at the following plot keyword lists, ripped from IMDB, and see if you can match them to their respective movies. Answer Key at the bottom of the page.

Movie 1: Dead Mother, Alcohol, New York City, Unrequited Love, Father Daughter Relationship, New York City, Rain, Overstuffed Closet, Urination, Sex In Car, Newspaper, Singing, Wedding, Lingerie Slip, Lie

Movie 2: Wedding, Tequila, Girl Fight, Rivalry, Death of Mother, Flashback, Newspaper, New York city, Dyed Hair, Fake Tan, Male Secretary, Proposal, Male Stripper, Fake Wedding, Plaza Hotel

Movie 3: Cardiologist, Airplane, Proposal, Wedding, Lingerie Slip, Ireland, Boston, Cliffs, Just Married Car Decoration, Pub

Movie 4: Role Reversal, Wealthy Family, Fake Engagement, New York, Boat, Workplace Bullying, High School Sweetheart, Employer Employee Relationship, Moral Dilemma, Arrogance

Movie 5: Nightclub, Honeymoon, Redhead, Eccentric, French Accent, Ferret, Wedding, Hairy Back, New York, Dance Lesson, Adultery, Toilet

Movie 6: Fashion Show, Newspaper, Single Mother, Adultery, Magazine, Glasses, Gown, Incompetence, Flashback, Fish Out of Water, Hurricane, Precocious Child, Transformation, Workplace Bullying, Humiliation, Fountain

Movie 7: Wedding, Haunted By Past, Southern Accent, Self-Discovery, Embarrassing, Fashion Show, Reporter, Rags to Riches, Flashback, Lightening, Confederate Uniform, Mother Daughter Relationship, Place Name in Title, Jewelry Store, Graveyard, Champagne

Movie 8: Place Name in Title, New York City, Lightening, Wedding, Art Curator, Father Daughter Relationship, American Abroad, Street Magician, Former Athlete, Fountain

Movie 9: Dancing, Opposites, Career Woman, Champagne, Newscast, Bet, Workplace, Overbearing Woman, Argument, Kitten, Office Romance, Lie, Employer Employee Relationship, Argument, Fall From Tree, bet, Sex Toy, Arrogance

Movie 10: Taxi, Place Name in Title, Wedding, Hotel, Jackpot, Toilet, Urination, Hit in Crotch, Father Son Relationship, Quitting Job, Proposal, New York City, Lingerie Slip, Black Eye, Beach, Drugged Drink, Broken Engagement, Murphy Bed, Casino, Camera Phone

1, 27 dresses, 2. Bride Wars 3. Leap Year 4. The Proposal 5. Along Came Polly 6. The Devil Wears Prada 7. Sweet Home Alabama 8. When in Rome 9. The Ugly Truth 10. What Happens in Vegas