Real Life Sex and the City Divorce Scandal

Candace and Charles pre-drama. Candace and Charles pre-drama. "Sex and the City" may be over, but Carrie Bradshaw's drama lives on. Author Candace Bushnell, Carrie's creator and real life parallel, has filed for divorce and that's just the beginning.

When Bushnell wed ballet dancer Charles Askegard in 2002, at the age of 44, the world took note. The New York Times profiled their Nantucket wedding including side-notes from literatti guests. (''It's the end of an era, definitely. Candace Bushnell gets married -- it's like Johnny Carson retiring," said novelist Jay McInerney)
Another guest at the wedding, SATC series creator Darren Starr called Bushnell's surprising union with the principal ballet dance, 10 years her junior, a "new chapter."

Because they are basically the same person, it was a new chapter for Carrie Bradshaw as well. The series, then at its peak, got a new character, moody Russian artist Alexander Petrovsky. The casting of famed ballet sex symbol Baryshnikov was no accident.

In the series finale, Carrie chooses Mr. Big over Petrovsky. Now it seems real life Petrovsky pulled a Mr. Big. Still following?

In her divorce filing, Bushnell claims her ballet dancer husband had a long-term affair with his fellow dancer Georgina Pazcoguin. "She believes their affair could have gone on for some time," according to the New York Post (real life version of Carrie's fake tabloid newspaper). "Humiliated, it was her idea to take the unusual step of naming Georgina as a co-respondent in the divorce papers."

While the initial public announcement of their divorce was amicable, the fact that Bushnell has pulled her estranged husband's alleged mistress into the proceedings means things are about to get all Sex and the City: The Movie. Someone needs a honeymoon with her three best friends and chance encounter with an Aiden type, stat.

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