Rep. Weiner admits to sending Twitter shot. Did he cheat on his wife?

(AP/Richard Drew)(AP/Richard Drew)First he brushed it off as a prank. Then he admitted the bulging crotch shot tweeted from his account may be a self-portrait, but he didn't think he sent it. Now he's admitted to everything.

"To be clear the picture was of me and I sent it," Congressman Anthony Weiner said in a press conference today.

The politician with the unfortunate last name has admitted that he's exchanged explicit messages and photos over Facebook and Twitter with "about six women" in the past three years, including the college student who was first implicated in what's now being called "Weinergate."

The Democratic representative has to answer to his constituents for his handling of the situation publicly, but the biggest explanation is owed to his wife. Weiner married Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin last year.
"My wife has known about some of these online relationships since before we were married. But she did not know until this morning that I had not been truthful about the Twitter posting last week. I'm here primarily to express my apologies to my wife and family" said Weiner, who added they didn't plan to split up over this scandal.

"We have been through a great deal together and we will weather this," he added.
But Abedin didn't take the "good wife" stance behind her husband during his tearful apology. She was nowhere to be seen, as more photos continued to surface of the politician who was once poised to be a possible contender for mayor of New York City.

Weiner maintains that his electronic misconduct never crossed over into actual physical misconduct, but there's still some unsavory details emerging that can't be easy for his wife to stomach.
Just as his press conference took place, ABC news released an interview with 26-year-old Meagan Broussard, a single mom who had exchanged multiple scandalous messages with the politician. Broussard had 'met' Weiner when she commented on a video he posted on his Facebook page. She claims that Weiner quickly added her as a friend and the two began exchanging suggestive messages online.

"He would say 'just good morning, how are you doing, what are you doing today? What are you wearing? What do you like? You know, in the bedroom, you know, that sort of thing,'" Broussard told ABC News' Chris Cuomo.

She backed up his claim that she never met the congressman in person and only spoke to him once by phone. But she does admit to having some racy shots of the politician in her possession. It's hardly Arnold-grade infidelity, but in the age of the internet when strangers can interact intimately without ever meeting in the flesh, it begs the question: can tweeting be a form of cheating?


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