Resolutions He Wishes YOU'D Make

By JL Watkins, The GalTime Guy

It's that all too familiar time of year, when the calendar starts anew and everyone seems to be making (or breaking) their New Year's resolutions. Guys make all sorts of goals to improve themselves, from improving their golf game to spending more time with the kids. I wonder how many guys secretly yearn for their significant others to make a specific resolution for themselves.

Now, I haven't wished-up one for my wife, or even myself really, so I decided to conduct an informal survey. I put the question to the staff and viewers of the national morning show, The Daily Buzz, to find out the various resolutions that guys are wishing their partners would make. There were the few 'usual suspects' about money or smoking, but the rest of them fell into two main subjects.

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While I wouldn't necessarily call weight loss the most 'popular' secretly-wished-for resolution, it definitely was the most prevalent. It's not surprising, really. People feel bad about themselves after months of social fatigue and holiday eating, and somehow having a fresh start date for the new diet seems appealing. However, what was surprising was the number of guys and gals that said this was the recent topic of awkward resolutions conversations.

Katelyn Ruiz (Bakersfield, CA) wrote, "He said 'We need to tone up'...He brought it up by asking me what my resolutions were for 2011...but then again he's been saying "we" need to tone up for a"

Erin McKee, "My boyfriend tells me I need a makeover and to tighten my tummy a little. He is German. He just says it directly. Then he smiles (my weakness) and tells me "I love you"."

I know that this can be a real issue in relationships and a growing source of resentment on both sides no matter the time of year. Unless your guy is looking to also improve himself body-wise, I can't imagine a decent way to even bring it up. I've seen a few really uncomfortable situations when it's been brought up and it can get pretty ugly - though I'll admit, most of them were on Maury.

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The majority of the other resolutions that popped up fell into the "find a more positive attitude" or hoping their wives or girlfriends would "find more time to relax". Personally, I like the latter - that way if my wife is chilling out more, I can possibly spend more guilt-free time playing Xbox (though probably not).

Rellie Foster (Springfield, IL) responds, "He thinks I should work on my 'tude and I think he should work on letting his ego take over!"

Kelleigh Lewis (Winter Park, FL) , "Don't fight about the little things that really don't's not worth it! Just enjoy one another!"

Mitch English (Daily Buzz host), "A "free day" that I can lounge around and do absolutely nothing once a week."

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In the end, it'll always turn out that resolutions are all about the person making them, and don't count if others will them upon you. If you want to make changes, it has to come from within.

Melony Chitwood (Aztec, NM) states it much more eloquently: "Regardless of who's in a relationship with me, if THEY want ME to make a resolution they can go jump off a cliff. I don't make resolution, those are empty words & promises. I make goals for over the course of a year. I have to want to do something, whatever that may be, and my resolve is the one that will see me through, not their want for me. Besides if they don't love me the way I am right here and now then they need to leave. I will change for me, not some dumb schmuck."

Well said, Melony. I have a feeling that countless women probably feel the same way.

What about you? Have there been any not-so-obvious overtures about something your man wants you to change? Drop a comment and let us know.

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