The Rules on Cheating: What Counts & What's Fair Game

How Do You Know If You've Gone Too Far?How Do You Know If You've Gone Too Far?

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Rules. They are applied in our daily lives constantly. There are rules that are utilized in sports, rules in law, rules that are used in board games and of course, there is the ever popular dating book...The Rules by Ellen Fein & Sherri Schneider, which took the dating world by storm. However, with all of these, "Rules," it got me thinking about the flip-side of things. When it comes to relationships…what are the Cheating Rules?

Below are a few examples of what might or might not constitute as cheating in relationships:

What's Fair Game?

• Innocent flirting to get that free latte at your local coffee shop
• Getting reacquainted with your former flame from high school over Facebook
• Having that, "work wife/husband" at the office
• Going on dates, while seeing someone, even though the relationship hasn't been made official

What Counts?

• Having sex with someone else
• "Sexting" with someone other than your partner
• What a person views on the internet
• The shenanigans that tend to occur during bachelor and bachelorette parties

I have only given a few examples of what could or could not constitute our activities as "Cheating," because all of these examples are interchangeable based on the relationship you have with your partner. After speaking to several people, watching the media, and even viewing how my own loved ones handle their relationships, these are the ones I came up with.

One thing stands true and constant and that is, you MUST have a mature and honest conversation with your partner about what you both consider to be infidelity. Without that conversation, you could ruin something wonderful. Agreement and Communication is essential in this situation. And lastly, have respect for yourself, your partner and the relationship; if it feels wrong, chances are it probably is.

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