You know it is hard to date. I have been seeing this guy for six months now. Then this morning he sends me a dear johnette text. Trying to make himself feel better he made it out like his dumping me was a favor. How silly. The one thing that got to me he couldn't do it to my face. Jeeez, something that makes you say 'hmmmm'. I am not letting this get me down. I am looking at it like this well at least I know where I stand. I can move on now. I cried, cause we had just seen each other a few days ago. I am thinking why didn't he tell me then? I think about how guys say 'women are always playing games.' Dude look in the mirror next time and say that. Well my fellow cyber peeps I am relaxing right now. Wondering WTF happened to just get dumped out of the blue. But then again I have a feeling I know what happened. Still I am not running to a substance for comfort. This time I ran to the computer and wrote a blog.

Peace out and in all that is right-good!

Single and looking here...just thought I would put that out there.