Scheduling Sex May Sound Unsexy but There’s a Way to Make it Hot

scheduling sexscheduling sexScheduling sex isn't as unheard of as it once was. I bet, like, 5,000 years ago, the concept of making time to make love was absurd (didn't the Greeks just sit around and bone one another all day long?) but times have changed. Husbands and wives are working, they're getting drinks with friends, they're doing something about Fantasy Football, they're figuring out that Quickbooks thing finally, they're doing all sorts of things. Things they've scheduled. Things they made a point to accomplish.

That's why scheduling sex shouldn't sound that crazy -- you schedule every other thing in your life, so why not add this to the list? It's logical, and I like that. But there's something else couples can schedule that's a little less, uh, scheduled. Here's what I mean.

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Instead of sitting down with your spouse and circling the calendar dates in which you are supposed to "do it", why don't you sit down by yourself and schedule a time to be available at home. Once you've made a plan to be plan-free, you're then ready to initiate or receive a sexy spark or two, regardless if it was a "sex night" or not.

Planning a time to be unscheduled and at home can be just as effectual as penciling in times to do the deed. It brings the spontaneity back, which is nice, since you've kind of lost that with the whole appointing-specific-evenings-for-love-making thing. It also brings back the element of surprise -- your partner doesn't think it's a sex night, but BAM, he pulls into the driveway and there you are, breasts bound in bubble-wrap holding a pan of sizzling bacon, ready to get things on. Surprise, indeed.

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Setting up a time to have the intercourse is certainly a great way to make sure your relationship stays strong and healthy, but also consider giving yourself a free night at home so that things can happen organically, even if you've kind of planned it out.

Do you believe in scheduling sex?

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Written by Lindsay Mannering on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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