Seduction Made Simple

Whether your relationship is in those delicate first stages or the well-earned golden years, sometimes it's hard to know what your actions will provoke -- especially between the sheets. Let the wisdom of the stars help! Every zodiac sign has unique triggers that will set them off -- use these celestial secrets to help elicit ecstasy.

1. Take a bold approach -- your Ram will appreciate your forwardness.
2. Lay back and enjoy as your Aries lover sweeps you up in a whirlwind of passion.
3. Bask in your Ram's radiance -- they will be the star of your own private show.

1. Cook your Taurus their favorite meal -- complete with candles and sexy music.
2. Cuddle. It's always a favorite with the Bull.
3. Give subtle compliments, and soon your Taurus will be showing you just how satisfying a relationship can be (wink wink).

1. Enjoy the game of flirting with your Twins.
2. Be elusive, seductive and always slightly out of reach. A Gemini loves the chase.
3. Stimulate their mind -- and then their body. The Twins can't resist an intelligent lover.

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1. Plan a quiet evening at home. Staying in has never been so hot!
2. Shower your Crab with kindness -- and prepare for it to come back at you times ten.
3. Be vulnerable and Cancer will show you the way to true emotional security in a relationship.

1. Tell your Leo how bright, beautiful and golden they really are.
2. Give your Lion the spotlight. They will share it with you.
3. Be the submissive one. Your Leo will force you to submit to your most delicious fantasies.

1. Come looking flawless. The perfectionist side of your Virgo will be drawn to your attention to detail.
2. Let them know how impressed you are with their sharp wit and powerful analytic abilities.
3. Compliment their constant drive for perfection, and they'll work hard to show you that drive under the sheets.

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1. Express your interest in fine arts and literature. Your Libra loves music, art and poetry.
2. Ask their opinion about everything. Libra always likes to have an equal say.
3. Indulge your Libra with extravagances and compliments -- and enjoy the adoration and sensuality you're sure to get in return!

1. Look as scrumptious as possible. Scorpio appreciates natural sex appeal.
2. Invest in satin sheets and scented candles. Your Scorpio will provide the music and massage.
3. Share all. Your Scorpio will want to know all your hidden desires -- and will fulfill every single one of them.

1. Be enthusiastic, energetic and ever ready for adventure.
2. Give your Sagittarius emotional and physical freedom -- and in return they'll show you just how good that really makes them feel.
3. Bring a travel kit. Your Sag is sure to whisk you away to an exotic, erotic destination.

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1. Show up looking exactly like they'd want you to. Appearances mean a lot to this sign.
2. Give them a gift that shows your devotion and your ability to manage your bank account.
3. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Really, really good things.

1. Surprise them. Give them a Venus Flytrap plant, a hypnotic 3-D poster or a hand-woven Guatemalan sweater.
2. Become intimate with the mind of your Aquarius before their body. They will captivate you mentally and intrigue you completely.
3. Compliment your Aquarian's devotion to ideals. They will show you the value of making the world -- and the bedroom -- a more creative place.

1. Let a dramatic piece of music bring a tear to your eye. Your Pisces will appreciate your sensitivity -- and will kiss your tears away.
2. Communicate a thousand expressions of love -- all without saying a word. Your Pisces will be able to read your soul by looking into your eyes.
3. Show your Pisces that a love story of the classic variety can exist between the two of you today. They will, in turn, show you how this love story sensuously unfolds ...

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