Separate Bedrooms, Not Such A Bad Idea

Lucy and Ricky slept in separate beds as did every other 1950's TV couple. My grandparents went a step further and slept in separate bedrooms. Lately, I've been thinking they were on to something. When I was little I thought it was kind of strange but my grandmother liked a hard mattress, my grandfather liked soft and he also had a horrible snoring problem. They were very much in love but kept separate bedrooms for years.

Being pregnant with twins and honestly too damn old to be pregnant, sleep does not come easy. Lately when my husband starts to snore I have resorted to kicking him out of the room. I feel bad for about a minute until I settle in to some of the best sleep I've had since the beginning of my pregnancy. Is sleeping alone a luxury? To me, at least while I'm pregnant it is. To my husband it's punishment. My response, try being pregnant.

After discussing this topic with other friends I have learned that sleeping apart is not so uncommon-- it's just that no one talks about it. Some couples are ashamed or embarrassed. But the ones I talked to aren't sleeping apart because of a bad relationship-- it's more for practical purposes. But practically speaking, for some women and men too much time apart could lead to a lack of intimacy.

I miss my husband when he's not next to me-- so finding a balanced sleep schedule is key to making it work. One night apart, one night together... you get the point.