Sex Addicted Women

A woman can't be a sex addict, right? Wrong.

Women are sex addicted. In fact approximately 20% of those seeking help for sex addiction are females. Perhaps more women would seek treatment if they understood sex addiction and that there is treatment available for the problem.

Common Bedroom Blunders

Sometimes we think of a sex addict as a man sitting in front of a computer addicted to pornography or a male out seeking prostitutes and lying to his partner. We might think of a sex addict as a popular figure in the entertainment industry or a sports figure having compulsive rounds of infidelity and lying about it. Usually these people are men.

But sex addiction in women can show up in those ways as well. Or it can manifest in compulsive behaviors that are disturbing to the woman's life, and hard to stop. Addiction is best defined by a behavior that one tries to stop and can't, and that is continued despite negative consequences.

The Condom Conversation

Sex addiction in women can show up in multiple relationships, affairs, compulsive masturbation, excessive flirting, stripping, dancing inappropriately in clubs, being an exhibitionist in public in the way she moves or dresses or flirts or coming on to authority figures or people at work or school. Some female sex addicts will have plastic surgery to appear more sexual, will engage in flashing, compulsive visits to sex clubs and S&M clubs, going into high-risk places and engaging in quick sexual acts with strangers, prostitution, one night stands, cyber sex, or exchanging sex for drugs or other favors.

Many women who are true sex addicts and suffer from these behaviors were sexually abused as children; some say as high as 78% of all female sex addicts. This trauma can lead to a compulsive repetition of the trauma from their childhood in an effort to repair the damage or to reenact the trauma to try to have control over the outcome - this time.

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