Sex Dream Analysis: "An Ex Kisses Me in Front of Hubby"

Very rarely are other people's dreams interesting...except when they're about sex. This week dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg tackles a blast from the past:

I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend came up from behind and kissed me in front of my husband and said, "She's mine." I had not thought of this ex in years and I have been married for 20 years. Help! What does that mean?

Should she consider looking him up on Facebook or just chalk it up to subconsciously re-living a fond, distant memory? Find out after the jump (right after you send us your own dreams!):

Lauri Lowenberg: Hubby has nothing to fear! This ex is not playing himself in this dream, but rather is standing in for who you were when he was a part of your life. Think back to those days and try to remember what you were like back then...were you more passionate in that relationship than you are now? Were you more carefree? Were you thinner? He comes up from behind and claims you because this part of you -- that you thought was behind you and in your past -- wants to resurface and be a part of your present. Kisses in dreams can often represent an initiation into a new mindset or a new phase of life, an agreement you have made to yourself and "sealed with a kiss."

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