Sex Dream Analysis: "I can't get over my ex-girlfriend"

heartbroken_man_drunk.jpgVery rarely are other people's dreams interesting...except when they're about sex. This week dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg helps a man who just can't stop dreaming about the woman who broke his heart.

I have this dream normally twice a week. It involves my ex-girlfriend, whom I still love, and me. We meet somewhere and talk for a little bit, then we always end up in a room making love. What's up with this? We've been broken up for almost three years, yet every week I have this dream. Why?

Is he destined to dream about his ex forever, or can he make it stop? Find out after the jump (right after you send us your own dreams!):

Lauri Loewenberg:
Recurring dreams are like a broken record; they are a good indication that you are stuck somewhere in your life. The dreams cannot move forward until you move forward. And it is impossible to move forward when you are holding on to what is behind you. That being said, here's what you can do to help you and your dreaming mind release the death grip you have on this woman: Tonight at bedtime, write down your most recent dream of her. But when you get to the part where you are having a conversation, change it up! Remember, these dreams are a creation of your own mind, so you have every right to re-create it! Instead of jumping her bones, write out everything you'd love to say to her if she were actually standing in front of you. She clearly broke your heart, so let her know how that makes you feel. Let her know what a big mistake she made by letting you go and what a b---- she is! Ahem...excuse me. In other words, let it all out. Take up as many pages as you need to and when you are done, rip it out of your notebook and toss it in the trash. This is not only a great physical release but a message to your subconscious mind that you are DONE with her. I actually had a client who did this technique and after she ripped out her pages, she peed on them! Hey, whatever works for you--you could even feed them to your dog. Just get it out of your psyche, onto paper and then out of your life. And remember, there is probably a very good reason she is an ex.

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