Sex Secrets Women Won't Share With Each Other

Is it just us, or does it feel like after you get married the fun sex convos you used to have with friends suddenly just stop? Ladies, right here, right now, we're revoking the gag order.

Who's talking about what?
We polled REDBOOK readers to find out.

61 % say they talk about sex less with their friends now than they did when they were single
20 % say they never talk about sex with their pals anymore
36 % say they wish they chatted about sex more often
22 % say they stay mum out of respect for their husbands (17% say there's just not much to tell)
23 % of women who don't chat about sex say they would if a pal brought it up
78 % of women say they know their guy shares sex-life details with his friends

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These ladies think they have solid reasons for keeping mum, but if they opened up, they'd learn more about themselves and their friends - and find out they're so not alone.

What I'm not telling: "My husband and I are really adventurous. We love toys and role playing! But we keep it to ourselves so that our friends won't think we're weird." -J.P., 33
What she should know: Your pals might have their own sexy stash - 53 percent of women have used a vibrator, 81 percent of them with their partner.

What I'm not telling: "I miss sex with just me. My husband knows how to satisfy me, but sometimes all I want is an easy, no-pressure orgasm." -L.S., 27
What she should know: Your husband should thank you for getting it on solo: Studies show that married women who masturbate tend to be more satisfied sexually and emotionally.

What I'm not telling: "Sometimes we go weeks or even months without sex, and it's not because of me. It's embarrassing." -A.R., 30
What she should know: Up to 15 percent of men have low libido at some point - it can be caused by depression or some medications. Ask your husband to talk to his doctor.

What I'm not telling: "I didn't climax during sex until after my husband and I were married for three years. I felt like the only adult who hadn't worked out the mechanics!" -S.S., 44
What she should know: About 25 percent of women have trouble reaching orgasm during intercourse. Getting on top can give you the direct clitoral stimulation most women need, as can a vibrator or your husband's hands.

What I'm not telling: "Most people think married sex is boring, but actually, it's better than before." -N.B., 29
What she should know: Married folks don't deserve our unsexy rep - 78 percent of married women in one poll said they were 'somewhat to extremely' happy with their sex lives. So, there!

What I'm not telling: "With four kids, it's hard to find time for nice, slow bedroom sessions, which I much prefer to quickies." -J.B., 45
What she should know: No sitter? No time for foreplay? You can make quickies 100 percent better with a little lube. Try one that's self-warming or that tingles for an extra treat.

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