She's at that Age

She's at that age that time spins fast,
yet she's learned to slow it down.
she knows exactly what she wants,
and has learned to work things out.

Her health and scars she works on hard,
and her hearts had time to heal.
she's at that stage where beauty stays,
she's found love for real.

She's at that age of comfort,
and starlit summer walks.
she's at that age of stay up late,
just to sit and talk.

She doesn't dream the same dreams,
that she did before.
but memories have replaced some dreams,
with things she loves much more.

She's at that age where nothings staged,
and says just what she means.
she doesn't hide behind white lies,
or tries to make a scene.

She's confident and sexy,
in oh so many ways.
and I love the shine in my lovers eyes,
because she's at that age.