should I let him go?

well here it goes. There is this guy whom I always thought of as my big brother, that is the kind of role he played when ever we were around each other. Thing is he broke up with his girlfriend, whom he dated for the past 2years. A week ago my friend and I went over to his place for a visit, after a few drinks and games he kind of hinted that he had a thing for me. Me being afraid of making something out of nothing I brushed him off and blamed it on the wine. The next day we bumped into each other and he asked me if i would like to hook up for a movie later that day but i couldnt go because i already had other plans. He took my number and said he would call to find out if I would be free the next day, but i did not hear anything from him for a week. I started liking the guy after he asked for my number, but now that he has not called or done anything to move things forward I feel like I should just let this go. I see him every day and he has not mentioned anything about us. My friend says her boyfriend told her that the guy is scared to call me. I do not know if I should believe this or not. I really do not know what to do, I do not want to seem desperate for love even though being single sucks. Today i bumped into him in a shopping center and he asked me to get him something nice, well me being a sucker for "crushes" i did but i do not know how to give it to him. Should i call him or wait till he asks for it? No the main question here is should i hold on to this feeling and hope things will work out for us or should i just let it go??? PLEASE HELP