Should I tell his girlfriend he slept with me? You decide.

Our inbox is overflowing and we'll never get to all the lonely hearts, so each week, one reader's fate will be left up to the masses. Answer this reader's question in the comments:

Dear Em & Lo,

A few months ago I had a one-night stand with a guy who (I found out in the midst of intercourse) was dating someone. I just caught a vibe in the middle of it all that there must be someone else, and I asked. They are still together, but recently he has been texting me. We had amazing chemistry and the most intense (in a good way) conversations. I would be okay with just being friends, but I am not sure what he is thinking. I was so upset with myself for sleeping with someone in a relationship, especially since I was cheated on not long before that one-night stand. His last texts were to tell me that when we hooked up that he knew he was dating someone, that he "enjoyed it," and that he thought I was sexy as heck. I tried to make him change the subject, even telling him that he made me feel like a w---- when he told me things like that, and he kept harping about it. I am still unsure about what he is wanting out of all this. If you could offer any insight into what on earth all of this is, I would be grateful. It seems too strange to be a booty call, but I am not sure. Should I try to tell the girlfriend to save her any more problems? Should I tell him to leave me alone? Please help! This whole situation is making me want to swear off dating.

--The Other Woman

Go deep inside the guilty mind of the other woman.

Okay, so clearly this woman should never sleep with this guy again, and clearly she should not attempt to be friends with him either. We're sorry, folks, but we refuse to let "you decide" that part of the equation. He's a cheat and an ----- who shouldn't even be with one woman until he grows up a bit, let alone two. (In fact, no man should be with more than one woman unless all parties have agreed to the situation, but that's a story for another day.) Instead, we're going to let you decide whether or not she should tell the dude's girlfriend...

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