Should you forgive, or just move on?

Dear Broken Hearted Girl,

If you're like me, then you're kind, sweet and forgiving. Sometimes when I am hurt in a relationship, I will give the man (or a friend or even a family member) the benefit of the doubt. I will forgive the person who hurt me and try to mend the relationship.

So that's great and it makes me a better person and all that...but 5 times out of 10, the person will do the same thing to me again. And I wonder if I'm a sucker for letting that person back in my life.

Should I let go and move on? Or should I try yet again, knowing that this person may not change? So after living and learning a little bit, I've considered the answers to these questions when choosing to forgive someone yet a 3rd time:

1) How badly did the situation hurt me?
2) What actions (if any) can I take in the future to avoid this situation?
3) Am I blowing the situation(s) out of proportion? (Then I will ask a friend or family member for ther advice).
4) Would my life be easier without this person in it?
5) Will I be happier without the drama?

Then I will revew all of the answers to those questions and decide.

Hey, it may sound cold, but sometimes life is easier when you cut ties with certain toxic individuals. But remember, you can always forgive someone without continuing a relationship in the future. Being bitter is never fun. And forgiveness is divine!

Feel better!