Signs That a Man Is Attracted to a Woman

The indirectness of a man's affection may mislead a woman into thinking he has no attraction for her. According to Thomas C. Stephens, a marriage and family counselor in Olean, New York, being unsure of how you feel can make recognizing a man's attraction signals even harder to recognize. Knowing some of the signs a man gives when he is attracted to a woman will help you to know when making the first move may benefit you.

Body Language

Stephens states that men often reveal information about themselves through the way they move, stand and act. To show attraction, a man may face a woman directly and try to maintain eye contact as much as possible. Some men take on a macho attitude by flexing muscles and strutting past a woman who attracts attention. In Cosmopolitan magazine, Dr. David B. Givens, director of the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington, states that a man aims his upper body at whatever he finds the most meaningful in the room. He also states that a man may also try to show a woman he has interest in her by tilting his head to the side while looking at her or turning his toes in. Often these men are too timid to make the first move and need a woman to initiate conversation.


Men preen themselves when they have interest in a woman, states According to Givens, when a man runs his hand through his hair, he wants to look attractive to a woman and does this to primp himself. Stephens states that a man may subconsciously fix his tie, straighten his shirt or brush invisible dirt off his sleeve. also states that when a man touches his throat or checks his teeth, he wants to impress someone.


Stephens advises that when a man has interest in a woman, he is likely to come up with various reasons to touch her. He may "accidentally" bump into her. He may even place his hand next to her hand in a way that the two hands are touching, but barely. states a man may use an excuse for having touched you like, "your top looked so soft I just had to feel it" or "I was just removing a small piece of lint from your shirt." Men may even place his hand on a woman's shoulder or knee, tickle her in a playful manner or pat her on the back.


Men trying to gain the interest of a woman take interest in what she has to say. Stephens states that to do this, he will face the woman, ask her questions, and keep the conversation flowing based on the topic she chose. He states that if a man dislikes a subject or feels a woman is asking too many questions, he will look away or try to change the subject.


Thomas C. Stephens; Marriage and Family Counselor; Olean, NY

Cosmopolitan: The Signs He's Sending You How Men Flirt

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