Simple Joys

Today is a day when I need to find my simple joys.

Today is a day when I need to look at all the little things that I have experienced that add up to living in a lifetime, because I have been having a day where I have been mourning things I have missed so far. Today is a day when I need to take account for moments that I have been lucky enough to know.

I have made love in a thunderstorm. Not sex, love.

I have held newborn babies in my arms.

I have watched someone cured though I thought they would die from the cure.

I have watched someone die.

I have watched someone survive the deepest tragedy and go on.

I have survived multiple tragedies and I am still kicking.

I have a job that I feel good about going to. I see amazing people every day accomplish things I never imagined was possible.

I saw a shooting star once while I lay on a road because the stars made me dizzy. I shared that experience with my dear old dog. I am not sure if he saw it too.

I have had a good night's sleep here and there.

I have tasted caviar. I didn't like it but I got the chance to taste it.

I listened to every single one of my grandfather's stories and remembered them all.

I saw a moon-bow once in the middle of the night after I had been crying. Not many people in the world know what one is let alone get to actually see its magnificence.

I have had many things to laugh about.

I have cried just as many tears.

I can really feel every part of my life whether it is good or bad.

I have read good books and been touched by them.

I have written a good book which touched others.

I was brave more than once even when I didn't want to be.

I have been able to fly in my dreams and that is the most exhilarating feeling.

I have eaten the best cheesecake.

I drove a Mercedes once.

I had someone once love me most of all for a moment.

I loved people anyway.

I had a near death experience. It made me appreciate my life more than I already did.

I own a velvet painting of Elvis and Jesus in heaven-instant laugh. I also own an Elvis purse that someone compliments each and every day.

I have the best sister anyone could ever have and we have never had an argument in all these years.

I have a brother, who can be a know it all-but actually does know it all and has taught me some of what he knows.

I have an hourglass that keeps exactly an hour's worth of time.

I survived the blizzard of '79 and '11.

I have about a hundred different bottles of nail polish to paint my toes with.

I have seen an abundance of rainbows.

I loved several people most of all.

I took a picture with a naked man sculpture. I got in trouble for it but it made one of the dear teachers in my life laugh. It was worth it.

I have had the truest friend. She passed away but I am glad I had her for the time I did.

I have had the biggest ambitions and actually accomplished a few.

I sang in a musical and was damn good.

I believed in someone when everyone else turned away.

I have seen the bluest skies with perfect clouds and captured pictures of them.

I have had just enough to make it more than once.

One time I lost almost everything except my family. Family was the most important thing to keep.

I have had faith-even when I am mad at God.

These are my simple joys. These are the things I need to hold onto on a day like today. I cannot ever say I have had nothing when I have had all of this-and this; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Monika M. Basile