Slightly X-Rated and Possibly Helpful

As you probably know, I (just like all bloggers) receive requests to review products, services, and websites from time-to-time. I say "no" to most of them because I try to stick to those that are related to living happily single and that I think my readers will appreciate. So I said "no" to a request to review a dating site that "allows" swinging/group sex, hook-ups with married people, and other somewhat risky liaisons. I actually don't know whether some of my readers might appreciate a review of this site but I decided to stay away because of my own sensibilities. Plus, I thought it would bring a kinky element who are looking for more of the same to my site and I just don't feel like having to moderate the comments of all these "free-thinking" people.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I received a request to review a website that sells adult products: sex toys, vibrators, adult DVDs, lingerie, etc. Products that can add a little zing to your life. (My words, not theirs). I didn't respond at first for a similar reason as above…so they contacted me again, and I'm glad they did. While I was at first reluctant, I then thought "what's the big deal?" I'm not a prude, I know what these things are, and I know that they are very popular with many married and single women.

The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has brought what we used to refer to as kinky sex out of the closet and into everyday conversation. Read more…