So what should we call male cougars?

Are you offended by the term "cougar" because it demeans women to be compared to an animal (among other reasons)? If so, you would be in agreeance with comedian Kristen Schaal, an awesomely funny lady most recently associated with the rather excellent show, "Flight of the Conchords." She just appeared on Jon Stewart in a segment to dissect the cougar phenom, and she decided that it was high time we come up with an equally demoralizing name to call men who similarly set their sights on younger women. Her genius term?


Okay okay, so no one is going to claim the now deceased popcorn king Orville Redenbacher was much of a womanizer, but it's still kinda hilarious, if not totally random. Is it right on? Not particularly, but I can get behind the sentiment. Have a better idea? Lay it on us...

PS. Watch the cut from the Jon Stewart show episode here.

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